Inhouse Facilities


We deal in Zero Twist, PIMA Cotton, Egyptian cotton, Organic, Ring Spun, Open-end and soft spun.


ATI’s manufacturing units have an extensive weaving setup by means of a variety of modernized machinery including Power-looms, Shuttles-looms, Jacquard-looms, Air Jet-looms, and Water jet-looms.
A team of competent, experienced and skilled engineer professionals in weaving division works jointly to design quality products for our customers. ATI’s manufacturing mill has sustained in producing 45,000 to 50,000 LBS per day and around 16.5 million LBS annually.


In ATI, we constantly endeavor to create new colors from the soft whiteness of the morning hues and subtle shades of pastel sky to the rich vibrancy of the flame of the forest and deepest blends of the midnight blues. Technically, we are capable of pigment, reactive, VAT, of international standards on our continuous open width dyeing thromosol range. DATA color systems support color batch preparations. Shade variance is kept under control using Spectro Photo Meters.
Our professionals critically select the most suitable dyestuffs with continuous automatic monitoring of all the process parameters and regular instrumental color measurement. Our product guarantees in achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards.


This is the stage that requires the most precision – in pursuance of molding the product into its required shape. ATI's Mill has the most efficient stitching units in the industry, which carries new well-equipped and high-speed machinery that forms products according to the required designs for the diversified range of products. We use premium quality of threads to ensure the stitch persists to be durable. That's how state-of-the-art products find their way into Awesome Textiles Industry (ATI).


In today's highly competitive business environment, our professionals on the floor ensure that all products are graded and packaged cautiously. Quality in-line and final audits are conducted stringently to be able to produce a premium finished-product for the customers. ATI mill has achieved its high ranking for providing the high quality of packaging and maintaining its standards from raw material to all stages of made-up production till packaging.


Awesome Textiles Industry is recognized to be one of the largest exporters in Pakistan. ATI has highly-disciplined and propitious supply chain management system which is capable of delivering substantial stocks to meet the end-to-end needs. Our distribution channel delivers the required products as per our customer essentials.

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